Get Involved

Want to get involved with The MJB Foundation?

Here’s all you need…

Qualifications – A willingness to work hard when necessary and a can do attitude – even if it’s something you’ve never done before. (like IRS paperwork – but that’s more Jim’s job)

Expectations – Work on special projects, for example we are currently working on a promotional video.

Quarterly meeting attendance, Occasional offsite meeting attendance – (for example Jim really could have used a second set of ears with him when he attended an IRS workshop for non-profits a couple years ago.) – might cost you a day off from work once in a while.

Community presence – for example we like to go to opening day for the Miracle League to show our support, we went to the Fishing Has No Boundaries event, things like that.

From January to Bowl for Joy and Golf for Joy – help with mailings, a little salesmanship – i.e. talk up the outings, and an occasional favor that might be something that “just comes up.” We try to go with the flow.

Bowl for Joy and Golf for Joy day – whatever needs to be done.

Still interested? Give us a shout.