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And then… There was Abram (Part 1)

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In the literal sense the drive from Galloway to Westerville only takes about 40 – 45 minutes.

Figuratively, however it took a bit longer.

Finally though, in early October 2011 my wife and I found ourselves en route carrying an MJB Donation.

A gift for a boy named Abram who simply needed a way to get out and play with his sisters, a way for Mom and Dad to get him outside. Abram’s “Get out and play” deck as we call it now.

We had heard about Abram a few months before. His family was having a fundraiser to build the deck, they had a goal number in mind, but came the query – Could The MJB Foundation help?

Of course we would – folks who were industrious enough to hold their own fundraiser? Heck, we were right on board. We would help with the difference. They would raise what they raised, and The MJB Foundation would make up the difference.

So we carried that check with us as we traveled to Westerville.

But here’s the catch – This was the first MJB Gift of Joy we were delivering personally. No agency involved. No intermediary. Just us… and honestly – we were a little nervous.

We were greeted at the door by some lovely young ladies and welcomed in to meet Abram and his family

What followed quite frankly was life changing, and as far as that goes – MJB changing too.

When you lose a child, as we did with Meghan Joy, the feelings, the emotion, the carousel, the roller coaster are all things you do alone. Oh, you have your spouse, and you are together. If you’re lucky, like we were, you have that support, that someone to lean on.

But nobody can understand what it is truly like. Not your friends, not your family, nobody who hasn’t gone through that experience themselves can truly understand what it’s like.

But, Emma and Andy, Abram’s parents, had done just that. Abram’s twin brother Heath passed away when he was 3 weeks and two days old.

Emma and Andy knew exactly who we were, and they made us feel so welcome. We spent about an hour and a half chatting, sharing stories, talking about Heath and Abram, and Meghan and Kailey and Delaney and Livvy, Ella, Mollie and Poppy and on and on, and we gave them the check and went on our way.

Afterwards, we visited the local mall to run some errands.

As we shopped we talked about our visit and marveled at the ease with which Emma carried on a conversation, cared for Abram, and still managed to keep track of what the girls were all doing.

We could not imagine keeping up with that pace. We could not imagine the energy that must take.

We discussed the similarities and differences we shared, and we decided that we were incredibly happy we were able to help, and more importantly that we had made that donation personally.

We kept in contact with Emma and Andy and their clan, with the goings on with Abram and his deck. We invited them to Bowl for Joy and Emma came with the kids and had a terrific time.

Afterward, Emma contacted me with some ideas for other ways The MJB Foundation could help folks, and other ways that she could be involved.

We had no idea…

sing for Joy

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Pushing a Bigger Button

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I would be lying if I didn’t admit that it is sometimes very frustrating to run a charity designed to help kids with challenges.

Too often it seems, those kids are forgotten.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) in particular seems to be a forgotten condition when it comes to identifying “those in need,” but it is certainly not alone.

CP is just not a big button, as I like to call it. It’s not cancer. It’s not autism. It’s (usually) not tragic.

But.It.Is.Everyday! – Just like autism, and just like cancer.

(Please note * I do not mean to diminish the very serious nature and need for support for cancer and autism causes.)

Last summer at Golf for Joy I made a plea to those in attendance that if they took anything away from that day it was just that.

The conditions that affect the kids we try to help are very much like the traffic that we are all encountering now as we travel through Columbus each day – a little bit different, a new set of roadblocks each day, a concrete tunnel which seemingly never ends.

We have a new joke this year that if you put the word “adaptive” in front of some piece of equipment, it’s price automatically raises into the thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately – It’s not so much a joke. In fact, it’s very much a reality. Not funny at all.

Of course, it’s not just the kids who have to deal with these issues.

So many parents fight tirelessly, day after day, caring for their children and their loved ones, trying to maintain some sense of…

Heck, I think we can say it – normalcy.

Which really…

Is impossible.

Very often when my wife and I talk about the 15 months we had with Meghan Joy we note that really…we don’t remember all that much. Very much like the sports cliches you hear so often –

We took one second, one minute, one hour, one day at a time- trying to move forward as much as we could–

I think that part of the reason we continue The MJB Foundation is because we know that struggle. We know that fight. We know what it is to want to feel normal – and we want to help those who are still in the fray.

This year, for the first time ever – The MJB Foundation is nearly tapped out. To date, because of the generosity of our supporters, we’ve been able to give Gifts of Joy totaling $11,041.31 to children with challenges this year, and we’re committed to what might be as much as $6,000 more. (Some of the equipment has to be fitted so there could be some cost variance.)

To put this in perspective – Our events this year raised right around $7,000.

While it’s true that we are giving away more this year than any other, and we had a little bank to spend – it’s also true that more and more families are finding out about us, and more and more kids will need our help.

But we don’t have that big button, and well, we need a big push.

I always said that being at this point is a problem I’d like to have, but I have to admit it scares the holy bejeesus out of me.

But not as much as the day-to-day might scare the holy bejeesus out of those families, and those kids.

So the takeaway is this…

I don’t honestly know how many people read this blog, but I will admit to knowing at least some eyeballs give it a glance every now and then.

So… If you have a second, if you’re so inclined, I would really appreciate it if you could help us spread the word, and let people know that we’re trying to help those kids, and we could use all the help we can get to make this button bigger.


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We’re All Batman

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Note: This is Jim’s speech from Golf for Joy today. It is being cross posted at his personal blog The Life of Jimmer.

When I was a little kid, and even a little bit today I would wonder how super heroes decided who to save? I mean you see Batman saving Vicky Vale, and Spider Man saving  Mary Jane. Heck, Superman turns the world backwards to save Lois Lane.

But let’s say it’s not their girlfriend. It’s not an easy or obvious choice, although even those choices aren’t always easy or obvious. 50 people on a bus or my girlfriend? Hmmm… Let me think about that…

What about if there is more than one crime going on at the same time? We see stuff blowing up on the screen, but you know some body is being robbed in the next block over right? Bad stuff happens to good people all the time. How does the super hero decide?

Here’s what I think.

Sometimes the super hero lets us decide. Because sometimes we are the super hero.

I’m gonna let you in on a secret – Actually, it might not be a secret at all… Still, I want to share it with you today because it’s something that is really special to me.


I     Am     Batman

I know. I know. Most of you already knew that, What you don’t know is the secret behind why I am Batman? The core of my “super-hero – ness” if you will…

I am Batman because of you, and what’s more… You are Batman too.

So, uh Jimmer where are you going with this?

Think about this… How is Batman different from you or me or anybody else?

He can’t fly. He doesn’t shoot webs. He doesn’t talk to fish. He doesn’t have a mighty shield. He certainly is not a god.

He’s human. A regular everyday person like you, and like me.


For the toys.

Remember in the first Batman movie with Michael Keaton where it seemed like the Joker was always one step ahead and then Batman would press some button on his utility belt and swing off to safety. That’s how he rescued Vicky Vale right? and then the Joker said:

“Where does he get all those wonderful toys?”

Well in this world where I am Batman, where you are Batman – I get all my wonderful toys from you, and we get to try to save all these wonderful kids the Joy of childhood. Or at least share it with them anyway.

And just like Superman honors his parents Jor – El and Lara, Spiderman is driven by the death of his Uncle Ben and Batman is driven by the tragic death of his parents – we are all driven by a magical little girl named Meghan Joy.

We don’t have any of the “cool toys,” but we do have the love and support of family and friends and I feel very fortunate to have that support, to feel that love, to share the gifts that we can with folks who need them.

Because while we’re not really super heroes, we are all deciding to help, and that makes all the difference.

Thank you for supporting The MJB Foundation, (and for coming to Golf for Joy today.)

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The Gold Ball

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If you’re playing in Golf for Joy 2011, you want to watch this.

MJB Gold Golf Ball 50/50 game

Each team can buy 1 gold golf ball for $10. When your foursome buys a gold ball, the players on your team take turns – each golfer will play that ball for at least four of the 18 holes. The gold ball should be played on every hole and must be rotated in sequence amongst your team. The teammate playing the gold ball on a hole uses the ball on the entire hole then it’s passed to the next player to use on the following hole. You can plan ahead to have the best player use it on water holes etc. but once the batting order is decided you must stick to it. Any two golfers are selected by the team to play the gold ball on your final two holes. If your gold ball is hit out of bounds at any time during your round, it is lost – you are not allowed to retrieve it. At the end of the round, if you still have your gold ball, turn it in to an MJB board member – there will be sharpies available to mark your names on your gold ball. Your gold ball will then be in a drawing – one of the surviving balls is picked, that team gets ½ the proceeds of the Gold Golf Ball 50/50 game. Teams who have lost their ball are obviously disqualified. Good luck and Hit ‘em straight!

Really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for our 17th annual Golf for Joy.

Hit ’em straight!

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A Good Time is Had by All

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We are just days away from our 17th annual Golf for Joy. As many of you know I play hockey with a great group of fellas who are also very enthusiastic supporters of The MJB Foundation.  Last night, post game I asked a few of the guys who are coming out this year to take a few minutes to talk about Golf for Joy.

As you can see we always have a lot of fun and it is a great group of guys.

While the field is set for this year’s tournament we still want to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to join us for our post tournament gathering where we’ll tell plenty of stories, share plenty of laughs and talk about why we all get together every year – all while raising money for a great cause.

We’d love to have you join us!

Oh and, while the current Bail Bonds team does not have a current website, we are certain we have fans. (or wives and kids anyway) If you’d like to learn a little more about the team feel free to check out our first attempts at websites here and here.

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Back to Work

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Why the MJB Foundation and How you might help, (some back story)

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Thank you for visiting / watching today. If you’d like more information please feel free to contact me. My email address is and my phone number is 614-746-2112. I would be happy to answer any questions about sponsorship and / or The MJB Foundation in general, and I would love to tell you more about Meghan Joy.

We look forward to seeing everyone on June 25 at Golf for Joy 2011.

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Kailey’s Request

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Did you know Kailey’s birthday is coming up?

She has a request…

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Grandma’s Invitation

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Today, Meghan’s Grandma shares her memories and offers her invitation to Bowl for Joy.

Without further adieu.

Hi! I am the grandmother.  I was there 18 years ago February 5th for the birth of the twins.  Funny the birth was an emergency C-section which should have taken just a few minutes.  Those of us waiting kept going to the window of the nursery and looking for the baby. (They didn’t know it was twins.)  The stupid people in the nursery kept saying “Oh you mean the twins.”  “NO! Not the twins!!”  Finally I could stand it no more and went to the back by the delivery rooms.  There I met the doctor who had come for the surgery.  He explained to me how one of the twins was healthy and pinked up right away but the other was in jeopardy!

So, here we were.  Looking in the window, finally, at the twins!  Kailey was great! (As you all know her to be.)  Meghan was still, on a respirator and not expected to live the night.  Hard to believe it was 18 years ago.  The heartbreak comes back like it was yesterday.

Having a handicapped child is tiring, frustrating, rewarding, joyous, sad, all the emotions you can name.  Losing that child is a tragedy.  During her short life Meghan had the love and devotion of a lot of people.  Her family was able to provide her with the special equipment she needed to function.  How different it would have been if that ability was not there.

The MJB Foundation raises money to assist parents of handicapped children with the ability to provide special equipment; a special tricycle, money towards a special wheelchair, etc.  The money is raised by activities that are family friendly.  A special family works hard on the activities of the MJB to keep the spirit and joy of their daughter alive.

Please join us February 12, 2011 at Sawmill Lanes, 4825 Sawmill Road for Bowl for Joy!  Teams of 5 can bowl together.  $30.00/person and the money goes for that special equipment for those special kids.

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Grillin’ and Chillin’

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Just a minute or so on what’s happening at The MJB Foundation post Golf for Joy 2010.

If you didn’t attend Golf for Joy, but you’d like a glass we are offering them for $5 or free with a donation of $10 or more. Contact Us for details. Thanks again!

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