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Good news & bad news - virtual joy 2024

“Golf is about how well you accept, respond to, and score with your misses much more so than it is a game of your perfect shots.” - Dr. Bob Rotella


Last year we had a perfect shot, Golf for Joy raised more money than ever before. This year, we have to accept, respond to and score with a miss – our regular golf course informed us at a late date that we cannot host Golf for Joy at their venue as planned. So, we’re taking a mulligan and bringing back Virtual Joy for the U.S. Open next month.


During this time, we are finding a way to retee Golf for Joy in 2025. We are looking for a new golf course and new ideas. We would love it if you would reach out to us with your suggestions and input. Send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or to Jim’s email ( We hope you will continue to support us in 2024 by signing up for Virtual Joy. Find all the details and register here.


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Interested in volunteering or attending our next event? We'd love to have you! Find out more here


The MJB Foundation supports children with mental and physical challenges primarily in the Central Ohio area. By sponsoring recreational and educational activities, donating physical goods and services, and making monetary contributions we hope to share Joy with these children.


In memory of

Meghan Joy Brochowski

2/5/1993 - 5/14/1994


When we started the MJB foundation it was easy to immediately identify a need that wasn’t being met. Simply put, some children just don’t have access or enough access as the case may be. When Meghan was born in 1993 we had excellent insurance. Everything was paid for. If we needed equipment or some adaptive device for Meghan, no matter the cost, it was covered. In 2004 this type of insurance for anyone was nothing more than a faded memory, and the situation has not improved today. 

Even the children with the most challenges are often left at the bottom of some bureaucratic list with not enough funding to obtain the resources they need to just be kids, to experience the Joy that should be childhood. 

The MJB Foundation wants to be there to fill those gaps, to find those children who aren’t experiencing that Joy and help them with the resources they need. Whether that is some kind of therapy, an adaptive bicycle, a special tray or just an adaptive piece of furniture; we work with organizations like FCBDD to identify children in need, provide the needed funding and send them a gift of Joy from the MJB Foundation.

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STAR SUPPORTERS  |  Tel: 614-746-2112

803 Spivey Lane, Galloway, Ohio 43119

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