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About Meghan

During Meghan Joy’s short lifetime our little fighter attended school at the Early Childhood Education program through the Franklin County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. Her Mommy would take her to class where they would work to overcome Meghan’s physical limitations and to improve her communication skills. Meghan loved school and the time to be with her Mommy. She enjoyed being around the other children. She seemed to be genuinely proud of each little accomplishment she was able to show Daddy and her twin sister when she came home.


Through Meghan we learned persistence, mental toughness and spiritual strength. Mostly though we learned that life is meant to be enjoyed today – not tomorrow, not next week or next year, but right now! Every time we share the story of Meghan Joy we say and hear exactly the same things. Chief among these is that no other person has had such an integral effect on so many lives as did our Meghan Joy. Her very existence changed our lives and many others, and because of her we will never be the same.


We are proud to continue to tell the story of Meghan Joy and remember her success. We are privileged to have formed the MJB Foundation and hold events full of Joy in Meghan’s honor.


From Meghan and because of Meghan we learned to attack each day with enthusiasm. We learned to reach out and make things happen for us instead of waiting for them to happen to us. We learned to face each new challenge head on, with our entire being. We’ve learned the value of living and giving a total effort.


We love you Meghan Joy. Thank You.

Meghan Joy Brochowski
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