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Interested in joining us for one of our annual events? Get more info here: link

Looking to give a donation or contribute to our cause? Donate & find sponsorship info here: link

Want to volunteer for the MJB Foundation? Here’s what you need…


  • A can-do attitude

  • A willingness to work hard when necessary


  • Help With Special Projects: occasionally we will work on special projects such as promotional materials or writing thank you notes. We expect you to help out however you can!

  • Meeting Attendance: Attend quarterly meetings, as well as occasional offsite meeting attendance – (for example Jim really could have used a second set of ears with him when he attended an IRS workshop for non-profits a couple years ago.) – might cost you a day off from work once in a while.

  • Community presence: This includes things like attending opening day for the Miracle League or the Fishing Has No Boundaries event to show our support

  • Spread the Word: help with mailings, a little salesmanship – i.e. talk up the outings, and an occasional favor that might be something that “just comes up.” We try to go with the flow.

  • Bowl for Joy and Golf for Joy day – whatever needs to be done.


Still interested? Give us a shout.

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