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OSU Ticket Raffle Redux

Okay – it’s noon on Thursday before the game and the OSU vs. Eastern Michigan tickets have not been claimed. So – we have to give ’em to somebody else.

Here’s the deal.

We have 2 OSU football tickets. We have 9 discount coupons for The Refectory.

We have 3 trivia questions:

1. What is the official Insurance Agency of The MJB Foundation?

2. Who redesigned The MJB Foundation website?

3. What was our first Gift of Joy? (I’ll take 2 different answers for this one.)

All you have to do to enter is answer the 3 questions correctly.

Submit your answers any way you like. Facebook, Twitter, Email, ( – however you can get ’em to  us.

First 10 correct entries will be thrown in a hat from which we will draw the Buckeye ticket winner. The remaining 9 entries will receive a Refectory coupon as a consolation prize with our thanks for playing.

Contest ends at noon Friday September 24, 2010 or when we have 10 correct entries – whichever comes first.

Thanks for playing and Good Luck!

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