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The Gold Ball

If you’re playing in Golf for Joy 2011, you want to watch this.

MJB Gold Golf Ball 50/50 game

Each team can buy 1 gold golf ball for $10. When your foursome buys a gold ball, the players on your team take turns – each golfer will play that ball for at least four of the 18 holes. The gold ball should be played on every hole and must be rotated in sequence amongst your team. The teammate playing the gold ball on a hole uses the ball on the entire hole then it’s passed to the next player to use on the following hole. You can plan ahead to have the best player use it on water holes etc. but once the batting order is decided you must stick to it. Any two golfers are selected by the team to play the gold ball on your final two holes. If your gold ball is hit out of bounds at any time during your round, it is lost – you are not allowed to retrieve it. At the end of the round, if you still have your gold ball, turn it in to an MJB board member – there will be sharpies available to mark your names on your gold ball. Your gold ball will then be in a drawing – one of the surviving balls is picked, that team gets ½ the proceeds of the Gold Golf Ball 50/50 game. Teams who have lost their ball are obviously disqualified. Good luck and Hit ‘em straight!

Really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for our 17th annual Golf for Joy.

Hit ’em straight!

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