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2009 in Review and a Look Ahead to 2010

It has been some kind of year for The MJB Foundation. A banner year, A gigantic year, And of course – A Joyous year.

We have been blessed to work with an almost entirely new Board. We were able to make a major donation toward The MRDD Early Childhood Education Barn Project. We were able to buy adaptive tricycles for 3 children who needed them, and an adaptive tray, a tray that changed a life for a young man who lacked only $85, (a fancy dinner for you or me maybe?) towards its purchase, but was unable to secure that funding.

And we have you to thank – for every success, for every dollar, for all that Joy! We couldn’t do it without you. At Golf for Joy this year I talked about a little girl named Tiffany who was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her adaptive tricycle, the very first we purchased. I’m proud to say that Tiffany got her trike.

Working with Susan, our contact at MRDD I’ve also learned that from a therapeutic standpoint Tiffany is able to keep her trunk & shoulders in an appropriate posture for one hour with this tricycle, something that would never have been possible before. Tiffany’s legs have been in constant motion. We’ve heard from the therapist that Tiffany’s Mom reports that she has seen more of their neighborhood than she had ever seen before, and even that she has lost 10 pounds herself walking the neighborhood with Tiffany on her tricycle.

All. Because. Of. You!

As we move into 2010 I am very excited to announce a new event to help us share even more Joy with children with challenges. Please mark your calendars with these two very important dates. The 16th annual Golf for Joy outing will be held Saturday June 26 – and I am proud to announce our very first Bowl for Joy which will be held Saturday February 6th. I’m really excited about this event. If word of mouth is any indicator attendance is going to be HUGE! But – Only a limited number of spots are available so you’ll want to sign up as soon as possible.

Also – PLEASE NOTE – Folks who register and pay for Golf for Joy between now and the end of Bowl for Joy will receive $10 off their Golf for Joy entry fee.

We’ve also been very fortunate this year to find ways for folks to share their Joy beyond attending our events. We’re a part of the Kroger Community Rewards program, and if you’re on Facebook you can vote for us to be part of the Chase Community Giving program.

We are grateful for any support you might be able to give to help us share our Joy.

As 2009 draws to a close, our wish to you and your family is for peace, happiness, and as always – JOY!

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