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Bowl for Joy Weather Watch

Note: This post is cross posted at The Life of Jimmer as Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Snowpocolypse 2010.

Sitting in my office watching the snowfall tonight and wondering just what kind of impact it is going to have on our very first Bowl for Joy tournament tomorrow.

In 15 years of  The MJB / Golf for Joy we’ve had one 10 minute rainstorm, and one rain shortened tourney that didn’t happen until our 14th year.

First year of Bowl for Joy…

I’m looking at Snowpocalypse 2010. Well, that’s what they’re calling it around here it seems.

We sort of fumbled things with the rain in our 14th year. I guess Mother Nature decided we needed to be tested right out of the box in our first year of Bowl for Joy.

That’s okay. I can handle it. I know that a lot of folks are waiting for me to make the call. Some are probably wondering why I haven’t called things off already. After all the forecasts…

Are exactly that – forecasts. I deal with what I can see when I need to see it. Right now, I don’t need to see anything. It’s not like anybody is catching a plane to be here. Our furthest travelers are coming from the Cincinnati area. They will have plenty of notice.

I’m also a bit of an optimist when it comes to weather. Kind of like this guy:

Don’t worry, I’m also well aware that this isn’t all about me. In fact it’s not about me in any way shape or form. I get that.

I’ll be up early in the morning tomorrow. No, that doesn’t happen very often on my day off, but I know I have a responsibility to our attendees, and I take that very seriously.

Keep an eye here for updates. They’ll be here when you need them.

As of 10:32 p.m. today:

The Bowl for Joy is ON!!! The major streets are clear and will be clear in the morning. Sawmill Lanes is at Bethel and Sawmill, two of the major streets on the NW side. There will be no problems getting there from 315 or 270. Just leave 15 minutes earlier than you planned. I will even buy you a “I Made It To The MJB” celebratory beer. This thing is on.

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