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I am Meghan's Grandmother...

I am Meghan’s grandmother. Each year I am awed by the commitment that Jim and Annette have to this remembrance of their daughter. I am one of the lucky mothers who never had to have a memorial for a daughter. When I married Annette’s dad I became the mother of four daughters! Annette and Jim worked very hard with their brain damaged daughter. They loved her as much as Kailey the “perfect” twin. I remember when they were born. We weren’t expecting twins. Those of us in the waiting room got really nervous when the emergency C-section took a very long time. Each time we went to the nursery to inquire, they asked if we were talking about the twins! How dumb were those people! Finally, “grandma” went into the delivery area again to inquire and ran into the OB. He told me all about the twins and the fragile state of one of them. Twins! We thought she (Annette) looked big and were we right! That day began the struggle to keep Meghan alive. For 15 months the family worked with tube feedings, medically alert night times, and the heartbreak of a handicapped child. Hard to imagine it was more than 15 years ago. Rest in peace little one. We will continue to remember you with our golf outing!

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