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Talking About Meghan

Frequently during the time of year leading up to Golf for Joy I find myself meeting new people, shaking many hands, and handing out business cards. Friends introduce me to their friends and tell them about the outing and the foundation, how cool it all is, and what a good time we always have…

And… I appreciate that so much, that my friends want to share, and want to help.

But I met someone this weekend who made that exchange even more special. I sent him this email to thank him.

Hi Touby,

Just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you Saturday and talk about our outing and my daughter Meghan Joy.

People often ask about the MJB Foundation and Golf for Joy. They don’t often ask about Meghan. While I understand that, in that they don’t want to make things feel uncomfortable it does mean that much more each time somebody does take the time to ask.

I am truly grateful for those times.

Hope you have a great week!

Take care, Jimmy

When the party is over… When the money has been raised and donated… I still miss my little girl.

Today I want to thank everyone who helps me to remember.

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